If Cretans would be proud of only one thing, that would be for their food products! The island is literally a food paradise!

Cretan products are perhaps the most recognisable Greek products worldwide and have earned international awards due to their high quality and nutritional value.

Scientific research leaves no doubt that the famous Mediterranean diet is inspired by the Cretan diet and is important for our health and well-being.

The Cretan products, that stand out are:

Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oil is famous worldwide for its high quality.
Olives may be consumed as a fruit (raw, cooked, processed or not) and as a juice (olive oil). Olive oil also used for medicinal, cosmetic and cleansing (soap) purposes.

Cretan Wine

Crete, due to its location played an important role in the spread of the use of wine.
The region’s climate with mild winters and dry and hot summers, favours the production of excellent local grape varieties, from which comes the vine leaves, that are used for the famous dolma, the raisins and the grape syrup, known as petimezi.


Raki or tsikoudia is the transparent fragrant nectar of the Cretan land, connected with the daily life of its inhabitants and the perfect means to express the famous Cretan hospitality.
It comes from the grape pulp that remains after the grape pressing, a procedure used to extract the must during the wine production. The tsikoudia of Crete does not contain anise.

Butter (Stakovoutiro)

It is a dairy product, derived from the cream that forms on the surface of goat's and sheep's milk, immediately after milking.
The gel mass of proteins that remains after a series of tasks required is called staka and the butter is called stakovoutiro. It has a wonderful aroma and its taste is intensely milky.
Other famous Cretan cheese products are xinochondros, anthotyro, mizithra, gruyere and xygalo.

Antikristo and apaki

One of the oldest ways of cooking is ofto meat, also known as antikristo.
It is applied by the Cretans, who recognise the uniqueness of the taste it offers, with many advantages over other cooking methods.
Apaki are small bites of smoked pork with wild herbs such as sage and is an exquisite meat meze that goes perfectly with wine or raki.


Dakos is a traditional dried bread (sometimes soaked), made mostly of barley with tomato feta cheese or Cretan mizithra in lumps atop.
Dakos is supplemented with olive oil, salt, oregano and sometimes pepper and olives. It is easily and quickly made, and is considered a complete and nutritious meal.


Kaltsounia, also known as lychnarakia (meaning little oil lamps!), have a thin and crunchy dough and leave a fluffy, cheese filling in the mouth.
Sprinkled cinnamon enhances their taste.


Α pure superfood with great nutritional value, in Greece exclusively cultivated in certain areas of Crete, due to its unique climate.
The Cretan bananas have been proven to have many advantages over the imported ones, since pesticides and preservatives are not used in all post-harvest stages.








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