Spain's Angel Montoro Tower: Excellent competition

Angel Montoro Cabello not only excels in the court, but also in beach handball. The Spanish giant of 212 cm not only stands out in the field, but is also the pillar of the defense of "fouriarocha".

World champion in 2013 with the Spanish indoor team, is one of the most experienced players of the beach handball team whose average age is relatively low (26.4).

The 33-year-old defender is not unknown to the Greek handball public.He has already spent a year in Greece playing in the Handball Premier with Olympiacos, with whose jersey he won the championship and which he will continue to wear in the new season.

So the situation was ideal for him to stay in our country in the summer and to compete in the Men's World Championship at the Karteros Beach Sports Center in Heraklion, Crete.


When did you start playing beach handball?

I started playing two years ago. It was a challenge in the beginning. The coach asked me if I wanted to try because with my body it would be good to play and give height to the defense where I am one of the experts. It took me a while to adjust to both the game and the sun and after a while I started to increase my performance and reach a high level.

What is your opinion about the event?

The organization is very good. We have absolutely no problems. Everything is done on time, the bus, we always have time to warm up and a field, there is what we need, water for example, volunteers are always at our disposal. So for me we do not need anything else. Everything is going great and it is one of the best conditions to play beach handball.

In the part of the games?

Compared to last year and last year 's European Championship, a lot has changed. For example, we have come up with a new team and we try to be competitive against all the teams. For example, with Croatia, which is a very experienced and quality team, but we fought until the last shot out. So we are on the right track.


What do you prefer; Indoor handball or beach handball?

It is completely different. If we have Olympiacos fans, I prefer the hall.

Would you like Olympiacos to build a beach handball team?

It could, but first it would be good to create a women's team. It would be the first step and then why not a beach handball team. It has the players and the environment to do it.


Is Greece a good environment for a professional athlete to play handball?

There are teams that do not have the same organization as Olympiacos, AEK and PAOK, which are more well organized due to the budget. Last year was one of the best seasons for Greek handball with Pylaia winning the cup, Olympiakos winning the championship. But if there were 5-6 teams that could compete and win the games and win the championship it would be much better for Greek handball. It is the only way to raise the level in Greece.

What is Spain's goal in the World Championship?

We are a very young team and we are learning how to be competitive. So we have passed to the main round which was the main goal and the next target is to be able to compete with all the teams until the last shot out. The primary aim is to be competitive to see the score and to fight until the end for the victory.








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