Mariam Gonzalez: "We aim to win the title"

Spain has set sail on winning a second successive title (after 2017), following their five wins in as many matchesat theWomen’s Youth Beach Handball World Championships, which is being held in Heraklion.

One of the key players of the Spanish team is Mariam Gonzalez Llambrich, who features among the top scorers of the tournament.

"I am so happy with our unbeaten run. We work properly and that comes out on the field. We want to continue with victories, but we look at each match separately. Weaim to win the title. We want to do the repeat. The feeling will be fantastic" says Gonzalez.

The level of the event is very high", adds the Spanish left winger of FuriaRoja and in regards with her own presence she says: "Personally, I do not care if I will be the first scorer of the tournament, as long as my country is doing well and winning".

On the new facilities of the Karteros Beach Sports Centre and the level of servicesthe organising committee provides, Gonzalez comments: "The facilities are really great and you really enjoy playing Beach Handball in such venues. I like that I play in Heraklion and I would like to visit it again to enjoy the beaches because now we are committed to our obligations with the national team".

Asked if she prefers indoor handball (plays forDeportivaMaravillasBenalmadena) rather than beach handball, the Spanish athlete says: "I like to play indoors and beach handball as well. It's hard to choose, because I love them just as much. I can play them both and that’s wonderful".








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