Argentina celebrated a 2-1 set victory over Germany in the top derby between the two teams, and the hosts finished in first place.

In a match that was a real derby from start to finish

In the first set, the two teams were together on the score sheet, which was in constant flux. In the last seconds, Argentina took a one-point lead with Alfredi scoring and Germany had the last attack, which they did not take advantage of as they earned an offensive foul and that was the end of the first set. 

In the second half, the match picture did not change with both teams again evenly matched. Germany seemed to be in control of the game throughout the match as they led by 2 points. Argentina had a chance to send the game to the golden goal, but the German goalkeeper Berndt  saved the last attempt and the game went to a shootout.

In the process, both teams were not quite accurate as both had several missed attempts. In the 5th and final attempt, Argentina scored 2 points and if Germany had scored a 2-point field goal, they could have taken the proceedings to sudden death. But Reinemann didn't make it and Argentina won 2-1, a victory that gave them the top spot in Group 3.

ARGENTINA – GERMANY 2-1 (18-17, 13-15, 5-3)

Argentina: Arcajo 6, Alfredi 9, Molina 6, Gallo 2, Medina 2, Ursino 9, Cambarieri, Belhits 2, Slaibe, Suarez

Germany: Fuchs, Reinemann 5, Johanna 4, Gaugenrieder 2, Hubner 11, Teodoro, Kristina 8, Dudda 2, Ihlefeldt 3, Berndt.

Referees: Ana Barbosa- Machado Lemos Nadia Suspensions: 0-2


Mamgali Alfredi (Argentina player): " It was a very difficult game from the beginning to the end. We knew what we didn't do well and we corrected our mistakes, and we managed our shots out quite well."

Caroline Huebner (Germany player), "We had problems in some defensive plays, but we improved on that and the game went to the shots. We didn't make the best choices there and we lost. We will be better in the next game.








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