The… MVPs of the World Championships

Volunteers constitute valuable helpers in order for a great competition to have a success.

They are the"key" of the success also in the World Youth Championships, which are underway at the Karteros Beach Sports Center.

Hundreds of people of all ages, from every corner of the country, who chose to come to Heraklion, Crete, to help voluntarily, offering from any position requested.

The Deputy Minister of Sports, LefterisAvgenakis, made a special reference to them, during his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the facilities, characterizing them as invisible tireless workers.

But let us hear them tell us how and why they chose to be in the first Beach Sports Facilities in Greece these days.

"We liked the idea and we wanted to offer", said EleanaPapadopoulou, a World Championships volunteer. She, along with four other fellow athletes (Alexandra Christodoulou, EleftheriaChristoudoulaki, NefeliLoukaki and Maria Roditaki) from the Volleyball team of Filathlitikos Heraklion, were informed about the volunteer applications and immediately said "yes", without any regrets.

"We really like the whole event and it is an exceptional and unprecedented experience for all of us. We help in the conduct of the games and that fascinates us. The facilities are amazing. Everyone is happy with us and that "fills" us. I would like to encourage others to volunteer. I would gladly do it again", said Maria Roditaki.

On the part of the male volunteers, Nikos Mylonas stressed:

"I found the application on the website of the Hellenic Handball Federation and immediately declared my participation. It was an easy decision, since my sister, Dimitra, is an athlete of our National Women’s Youth team. The organization is impeccable and the atmosphere is awesome. The games are spectacular and it is worth someone to live this experience", underlined the young volunteer.

Undoubtedly, all the volunteers deserve a lot of congratulations and are the… MVPs of the Beach Handball World Championships, giving their best every day and generously offering their... smile.








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