Nacho Moya: ΑΕΚ centre-back enjoys beach handball in Crete  and life in Greece

A familiar face was among the Spanish fans who supported Furia Roja in their game against Argentina at the Men’s Youth World Championship tournament in Karteros. The big guy with a yellow t-shirt and the ponytail was no other than Nacho Moya, the centre-back of AEK Handball Club.

We didn’t let the opportunity pass by and had a chat with him right after the end of the match:

- Nacho, welcome to Heraklion. Are you in Crete on holidays or you came to watch the games?

“The coach of Spain is a friend of mine, so I came here for a couple of days along with my brother just to see him. Of course, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to watch the games of the Spanish team”.

- How do you see this young Spanish team?

“Most of them are taller than me and have great potential. I heard that a few players will continue with the national team in indoor handball.

“I am proud of them. They have started playing beach handball from a young age. I am sure they will improve and this will make them better in indoor handball”.

Have you ever tried playing beach handball?

“I did but it seems that it was not my sport. I played mostly as a pivot and changed with the goalkeeper. I think I am better indoors”.

You’ve been with AEK for three years and you were part of the team that has won national and European trophies. However, the 2021-22 season was not that successful.

“I still support the project of AEK, I am going to stay for two more years. This season was not very good and I think this is a nice lesson for us on what we must do better.

Of course, I believe we can do better next season. There is time to improve things that didn’t work well”.

Do you enjoy life in Greece?

“I like Greece a lot. People here have a similar mentality with people in Spain.

“I have my girlfriend in Greece, so half of my future is here, the other half is in Spain. Not only sport-wise but family-wise as well. We’ll see, you never know”.








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