Women’s Main Round - Group A, Greece – USA 2-0

World Champions Greece defeated USA in straight sets to secure a place in the quarter-finals and boost their chances for the repeat on home soil.

With two matches left to fulfil their Main Round obligations, Greece’s women remain atop of Group A thanks to a scoring spree led by Kerlidi (14 p.) and Mournou (7 p., 7/8 shots).

USA will look to beat Portugal and Thailand to advance to the quarter-finals.

Greece - USA2-0 (21:18, 23:14)

Greece: M. Kepesidou 2, Kerlidi 14, Poimenidou 4, Kaloidi, Mournou 12, Dimitriou 8, El. Trochidou 4, Logdanidou, Diakogianni, N. Kepesidou.

USA: Heeley 4, Browne, Snyder 4, Mansour 10, Bellows 2, Agraz, Johnson, Gosar, Van Ryn 12, Self.

Referees: Dos Santos - Assis (Brazil). Suspensions: 0-0


Karantoni (Greece – Coach)

"I am not very happy with what we showed today, butour concentration and the implementation of the plan werethey keysthat helped us win the game.

"In every match we feel that our efforts on the courtare rewarded and this is what happened today as well.

“Sincewe have already qualified for the top eight maybe in the next two matches, against Spain and Denmark, we will try something different.

“The question is to stay alert, to improve and at the end of each day to meet the requirements and expectations we have set".


Eleni-IoannaKerlidi (Greece – Player)

"I agree with the coach, we did not play our best game, nevertheless we won.


"We did not suffer at all and won relatively easily, especially in the second set.

“We have worked hard to be at this level, we show character, we play with passion and with our soul.

“We are the team to beat at this Championship, since we hold the world title. We are trying to set a single goal each time and don’t lose our minds.

Van Ryn (USA – Player)

"We were competitive in the first period and lost in details, but Greece were better in the second set and did not allow us to claim the win in the shoot-out.

"Maybe we would have had better luck had injured Melissa Brown been with us.

"The facilities are great, high quality beach handball is played, we enjoy the atmosphere and I honestly feel not only joy, but also honoured to be here."









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