Women’s Quarter-Finals, Greece – Argentina 2-1

World champions Greece came back from one set down to defeat Argentina and they registered their seventh win in as many matches at the Women's World Championships in Heraklion.

The hostsremained on course to defend the title they won in 2018 in Kazan, despite losing the first set by a huge margin (33:22).

Inspired by Magda Kepesidou’s nine saves Greece made it all square. Trochidou scored a brace of one-point goals to deny Argentina any hope of eliminating the world champions in straight sets.

In the shoot-out Greece had an 100 percent shooting record, while the usual suspect, Kepesidou made two saves to Balsas and Meccia shots.

Greece– Argentina2-1 (22:33, 19:16, 8:6)

Greece: M. Kepesidou 2, Kerlidi 10, Poimenidou 8, Kaloidi, Mournou 8, Dimitri 9, Trochidou 8, Logdanidou, Diakogianni 4, N. Kepesidou

Argentina: Mirotta 13, Bonomi 16, Balsas 4, Corimberto 10, Thurmann 2, Ponce 4, Bericio, Meccia 6, Scordamaglia 1, Gamba

Referees: Cardone, Manuele (Italia) S: 2:2


MariaKarantoni (GreeceCoach)

"I did not discover anything new today, something that I didn’t know in advance. We are a great team and we are here to defend our title. Simple asthat. Of course, there are many differences in relation to the 2018 team and the nature of the tournament, but our goal remainsthe same.

"In the first set we conceded 33 goals, but we dramatically improved our defence and came back in the game.

“We are always good in the shoot-outs. We are able to read well our opponents’shooting. Nowadays, 35 percent of the games are decidedin the shoot-out, so we are training specificallyto always be ready for this part of the game as well".

EleniPoimenidou (GreecePlayer)

"It seems that we like playing in dramatic games, we are made for these games, for the shoot-outs, the comebacks… The usual stuff! We lost the first set, but we managed to turn the tables and qualify.

"We are still hungry for titles. Now that we are in the semis, the stress is out and we will play even better.

"Magda (Kepesidou) and Apostolina (Dimitri)are our guardian angels.

"I’ve have painted my nails blue like in 2018 in Kazan, but back then it was a deeper blue!".









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