Men’s Placement Matches (5-16)

Qatar – Uruguay 2-0

Qatar prevailed with 2-0 over Uruguay, and won the right to compete at the 2023 World Beach Games.

The first set was balanced however the Qataris had a slight lead until the 8th minute. Uruguay overturned the score (15:16), for the first time, at 08:03.

The Arabs, inspired by the goalkeeper Mohammed Alyafeai, answered immediately (17:16), Uruguay came back (17:18) at 08:45, but fifteen seconds before the end, Qatar was leading again, 19:18. At 09:56 Uruguay had the opportunity to get the set, but Gallo Gomez failed to score with a spin shot.

The second set rolled down much like the first. Qatar again had a slight lead. At 09:56, in contrast to the first set, Uruguay managed to score and bring the match to a tie (16:16), but a few seconds later the Qatari specialist, Ahmed Hassan, scored (18:16) and the Maroons prevailed with 2-0.

QATAR – URUGUAY 2-0 (19:18, 18:16)

QATAR: Garba, Tarek Abdalla, Ahmed Hassan 12, Ahmed Mohamed 2, Ahmad Murad 4, Mohammed Alyafeai, Nowraddine Denguir 9, Ali Kenaoui, Marwan Kakhi 10, Hassan Saleh

URUGUAY: Perez Valdez 4, Oholeguy Grub, Rodriguez Mayado 2, Santiago Garateguy, Gallo Gomez 2, Bica De Dominicis, Miranda Rodriguez 14, Sequeira Saravia 6, Gallo 2, Velazco Fernandez 4

Referees: Fanack – Dare, Suspensions: 1-1

Spain finished seventh after a 2-0 victory over Norway, while Iran ranked 9th after a 2-0 win over Portugal.

Eleventh ranked Argentina, which defeated USA 2-0, while Ecuador took the 13th position after they 2-1 victory over New Zealand.

Egypt won their last match as well to finish in the 15th place.


Places 5-6: Qatar-Uruguay 2-0 (19:18, 18:16)

Places 7-8: Norway-Spain 0-2 (22:24, 20:21)

Places 9-10: Iran-Portugal 2-0 (20:18, 29:28)

Places 11-12: Argentina-USA 2-0 (23:20, 27:20)

Places 13-14: Ecuador-New Zealand 2-1 (22:14, 22:24, 8:2)

Places 15-16: Puerto Rico - Egypt 0-2 (20:26, 20:26)








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