Women’s Placement matches (5-16)

Brazil – Denmark 1-2


Denmark came back from one set down to defeat Brazil in the shoot-out, and finish in 5th place, meaning they secured a place at the 2023 World Beach Games.

Selecao dominated the first set, as they were more effective in defence and attack.

In the second set, Denmark led 12:8 at 05:46. The Latin American team lost two penalties in one minute and at the opportunity to balance the game. Denmark met its defensive duties and Brazil wasted their chances to score. Brazilian athlete, Lima, was sent off, Denmark continued to hold the reins and equalized in 1-1 sets.

The match was led to the shoot-out process. In their third attempt Brazil failed to score, due to a wrong pass. Denmark made good use of the opportunity they had, and took the lead which they defended and celebrated an important victory.

BRAZIL – DENMARK 1-2 (18-14, 16-20, 6-7)

BRAZIL: De Souza Frazao, Souza Guedes De Sena 22, Dos Anjos Alencar, Scheppa, Santiago 4, Xavier 2, Millena Alves, Piquet 6, Lima, Correia 6

DENMARK: Hansen 2, Kristensen 9, Nielsen, Ulrichsen 8, Mogensen, Moller 6, Degn 10, Fagerberg, Larsen 6, Johansen

Referees: Ben Salah – Drissi, Suspensions: 1-2 (Red Card: 1-0)

Argentina who beat Portugal 2-0 (22:18, 18:16) ended up in seventh place. In the game for the 9th rank, Hungary defeated Thailand 2-0 (17-14, 17:12).

Norway ranked in the disappointing for the calibre, 11th place following their 2-1 (20:21, 22:16, 16:14) victory over Uruguay.

Vietnam finished 13th in the standings after the shoot-out win (20:21, 22:20, 12:13) against USA, while Mexico edged past Australia 2-0 (17:13, 14:12) to claim the 15th spot.








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