Men’s Youth – Places 13-16, Togo – Greece 0-2

Greece did not face any difficulties against Togo winning 2-0 and tomorrow (June 19) they will face the winner of the duel USA – Uruguay, in a game for places 13-14.

The hosts were dominant throughout the match, their superiority was obvious and they left no hope for the Togolese team.

On the other hand, the African team, although they arrived in Heraklion with only six athletes due to health reasons, was combative against Galanolefki and scored 20 points.

TOGO – GREECE 0-2 (12:28, 8:32)

Togo: Afatchao, Quenum 2, Lawson-Drackey, Adotey, Keto 14, Ametepe 4

Greece: Pougatsias, Papadopoulos 8, Kyriakidis, Marinos 6, Kolezakis 28, Chinos 4, Toulkeridis, Batis 14, Siaravas, Markatatos

Referees: Ben Salah – Drissi, Suspensions: 0-1


Manolis Kolezakis (Greece - Athlete): «This tournament is a special experience for us, as it is held in our country. Every day we face teams from all over the world and gain experience. The atmosphere is great, all the players come with great pleasure to play at the highest level and the spectacle which is offered is also of a high standard.

“Our course we expected more from ourselves. In a World Championship you never know what you will face. We could not predict the potential of some of our opponents, but we keep what we have achieved and move on».

Mark Quenum (Togo - Athlete)

«The World Championship is an opportunity for my teammates and for me personally to improve and achieve goals in the future. Unfortunately, due to unlucky circumstances, we were presented with a few athletes, but we did the best we could».








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