The Swedish fans loved Heraklion

With the Youth Beach Handball World Championships reaching their climax in both men’s and women’s competitions, more and more spectators flock to Karteros Beach Sports Centreto experience the action.

People from various countries compose amulti-cultural mosaic atKarteros's facilities on a daily basis. The spectatorswho undoubtedlyhave impressed in the "Battleof the Fans” are the Swedes. Apart from making a lot of noise supporting their team, the Scandinavians enjoy as well the weather and the sandy beachesofCrete.

We didn’t let the opportunity slip away and talked to a few of Sweden’s fans. Kenth Hanssen said about the event: "This is not the first time I come to Greece. I have come alone and with my family as well, but only for holidays. Now is the first time I am in Crete and Heraklion, this beautiful place and I can enjoy my holidays and watch my son plays for Sweden.

The facilities are amazing and help all teams play well and offer some good action to the spectators. The sea is nearby which makes our stay here even better and sets our mood.

Everybody in Sweden loves handball and whenever we have the chance to travel to another country to watch the team playing, we do it with joy. Especially when a competition takes place in such a beautiful place like Crete and Heraklion”.

Like Kenth Hanssen, Asa Anderson has never visited Crete before: "This is my first time in Crete and Heraklion and I am so excited. We’ve seen all the matches so far, while yesterday we took walks in the city and it is beautiful. 

The whole family has come to see our son playing, but also to have a good time in this wonderful place".

Sven Johansson is equally pleased with what he’s experienced so far in Heraklion and the World Championships: "We are in an amazing place. I did not have the chance to come to Greece before, so when the opportunity arose for coming to such a beautiful place andwatch the Championships, but also to enjoy Crete’s beauties, we didn’t let it go”.

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